Permanent Recruitment

Retained Assignments

We work closely with our clients to compose a specific advertisement designed to attract the calibre of candidate required. All advertisements are charged “at cost” and our clients are supplied with the original invoice.

‘Contingency’ Recruitment

Sherborne also offers the traditional ‘Contingency’ Recruitment service, whereby we advertise positions on various Job Boards, Linkedin and our Facebook page in addition to searching through our extensive candidate database for suitable candidates. The only cost to the client is a placement fee should we be successful in locating a suitable candidate.


Contract Recruitment

Sherborne Consulting provides a full payroll service for all contractors. All contract staff are paid fortnightly, one week in arrears, via direct credit to nominated bank accounts. We cater for both PAYG and Pty Ltd sub-contractors.

Contract to Permanent Recruitment

Sherborne offers a contract-to-permanent-hire facility. Under this option staff are hired initially on a contract basis, with an option to convert to permanent at some future stage.

Sherborne offers a sliding scale of placement fees as follows:

  • Conversion within 3 months of contract commencement – 15%
  • Conversion between 4 & 6 months – 12%
  • Conversion between 7 & 12 months – 10%
  • Thereafter – $5,000.00

All of the above fees are calculated on total remuneration incl. SGL.

Other Services

Payroll Services

We offer full Payroll Services for any ‘direct contractors’. This includes:

  • PI/ PL Insurance coverage
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Payroll Tax
  • Superannuation

Our management fee for this service is 5% of the contract rate.

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