Applicant Testimonials

From: amanda,
To: Halina MacQueen
Subject: Re: formal letter of offer – Service Delivery Manager.

Hi Halina,

Thank you for the lovely letter of offer and for all your support through the recruitment process for [Client] – it’s been a delight working with you.
Please accept this email as my agreement to accept the role of Service Delivery Manager………….
Thanks again


From: Sheau
To: Rosanna Cabungcal
Subject: Thank you and Referee Details

Hi Rosanna,

Thank you for your sms. I received it. Let’s pray all will go well.
Here are my referee details: ………………………………..
No matter what happens, just want to let you and your team know (Ellen, Halina) that you guys are a bunch of very professional yet very personable and humble recruiters – rare lot!
Talk soon.
With regards,

From: Kathryn
To: Halina MacQueen
Cc: John Milce
Subject: Thank You.

Hi Halina,

Could you please explain to John my early “demise”, and convey my thanks to him, as I have to yourself, for the great association with Sherborne. It has without doubt been my best experience of contracting ever.
All the best and again, my thanks…..Kathryn

From: Brett K
To: John Milce
Subject: RE: FW (Client) role


Our meeting yesterday was very inspiring to say the least, it was great to talk to someone interested in the placement of individuals such as myself, rather than gaining brownie points for having another candidate through the door. Larger agencies seem to have the latter approach unfortunately.

To: John Milce
Subject: RE: Senior Credit Card / EFTPOS candidates available

Hi John,

Thank you for the note and checking out the situation at the (Client). I like the way you run your business, direct, open and honest. It’s very much appreciated.
Will keep in touch…
Regards and thanks, Matthew.

From: Bala.
To: John Milce
Subject: Thanks John

Hello John,

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing this thanks letter as an appreciation for the great opportunity you led me to. I’ve been in my new job at (Client) for nearly 2 months now and I’m really happy with the job. I honestly feel that with your help and professionalism, I got the right job full of opportunities where I can extend my skills and grow higher in my career. I sincerely express my deepest gratitude for you being so supportive in my interests. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the best….

To: Halina MacQueen
Subject: RE: feedback.

Hi Halina,

Many thanks for that information. I had this feeling yesterday and this is just the confirmation. As you said, the chemistry was not right between them and me. I (was) steered (myself) into corners at the interview yesterday in which I did not want to be. I would also like to say at this point how much I appreciate your effort in helping me find a suitable job. You are such a nice, dedicated person and your professionalism absolutely stands out (please tell Lisa that this applies to her as well). Thank you also very much for your after-hour support and for the advice you have given me. It is all very much appreciated. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your agency. Kind regards,

To: Halina MacQueen
Subject: Re: details on QBE


This is just you let you know, I have accepted a position in Melbourne. Thank you for your assistance. You were by far the most helpful and responsive of all the recruitment companies I talked to. Have a great Christmas.

To: John Milce
Subject: Notice

Hi John,

As per our contract dated 6 February 2004, clause 1.1, I am advising one months notice terminating the contract.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and the team for your excellent support over the last year. There was never a late payment and everything went smoothly. You could think this would be expected, but by my past experience with a few other agents, this is often not the case. I also remember one experience that demonstrated your agencies flexibility, and that was when (Client) required you to produce an end of year Invoice. The request was met immediately. Not a big thing, but it is really great when you are on site and you can walk around confident that the relationship is intact as your agent is a professional.

To: Lisa Lathouras
Subject: Re: Quality/Process Analyst

Hi Lisa,

Thank you again. I had an excellent meeting with Halina on 5/11/04. It was an excellent personal experience for me and it was as if I had a real working session with Halina. I am positive and confident about the role at (Client) in their Governance and Security Business Unit. I thought to express my acknowledgement of the fact that the services offered by Sherborne Consulting and its consultants are of outstanding professional standards. This is precisely the experience which I am having when I am trying to fix my next job with the assistance from Sherborne Consulting.
With kind regards,

To: John Milce
Subject: Lunch next week

John, I was thinking about lunch next week… and it’s definitely my treat!
I have to say, although I know you and Halina well and you have treated me brilliantly, I know that your care of clients and candidates applies to everyone. I can truly say that apart from Sherborne, I haven’t dealt with a company that I have respect for and who has such integrity, in the UK or here.

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